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March 25,2020

  1. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for January to February, 2020
  2. Bank of Taiwan launches Commemorative Coin for the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor (SINGLE)
  3. The Announcement of Government Bond and Treasury Bill Issuance in the 2nd Quarter of FY2020
  4. Taiwan stock market fell sharply, The National Financial Stabilization Fund will hold an extraordinary committee meeting on March 19, 2020
  5. The National Stabilization Fund Management Committee resolved today to execute the mission to stabilize the market
  6. The Offshore E-commerce Suppliers Not Issuing Cloud Invoices Will Be Legally Penalized
  7. Common Reject Reasons for the Purchase of Energy-Saving Appliances for Refunding Reduced Commodity Tax!
  8. Selling House and Land without a Profit Still has to File Tax to The National Taxation Bureau.
  9. Individual Income Tax sampling database has been set up and is available to government, academia, and research institutes
  10. Diversified Activation of State-owned Assets to Implement National Policies and Replenish the National Treasury
  11. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for February 2020
  12. Bank of Taiwan Offers Relief Measures for Loan Clients to Weather Coronavirus Storm
  13. Summary of Exports and Imports for February 2020
  14. Taipei Customs Reminds Public of the Ban on Face Masks via Export Postal Parcels
  15. Bank of Taiwan lauch 2020 Year of the Mouse 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin
  16. Relief measures by Bank of Taiwan due to COVID-19: Acceptance of deferred credit card payments with an extension of up to a maximum of 90 days without collecting interest and penalty fees.
  17. Basic living expense of NT$175,000 per taxpayer for 2019
  18. Public donations to the national treasury in FY 2019
  19. Taichung Customs Reminds that International Vessels Calling at Mailiao Harbor Shall Follow the Regulations When Uploading the Duty-free Tobacco and Alcohol on Board
  20. For rectifying troop’s conduct, Customs drug detector dogs provide assistance under the cooperative K-9 training framework
  21. Anyone Who Utilizes an Internet Platform to Sell Goods or Services Shall Apply for Tax Registration and Pay Business Tax in Accordance with Regulations
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