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Individual Income Tax sampling database has been set up and is available to government, academia, and research institutes

        The Fiscal Information Agency (FIA), Ministry of Finance states that, in order to create added value fiscal data, the sampling database of the Individual Income Tax has been set up and currently contains 11 de-identification data sets, including assessment data, income data, and property data.  The sampling database of Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax, Business Tax and Electronic Uniform Invoices will be established in the following years.


        The FIA states that, in order to fulfil public research demand, it has compiled the needs of most researchers and built a financial and taxation sampling database. The database will provide policy analysis and academic research applications to create added value fiscal data. The current qualification of applicants to use the financial and taxation sampling database is based on research demands from the government, academia, and research institutes. In principle, the research must be public policy studies related to fiscal affairs such as the improvement of national fiscal policy, the establishment of reasonable tax systems, and the maintenance of fair taxation or other social welfare. Upon approval, the applicant may access the database at the “Financial Information Research Center” on the 10th floor of the FIA.


        The application fee for datasets is NT$160 per yearly file, and usage fee of the monitoring room is NT$500 for use of one PC per applicant every 4 hours. To help applicants understand the various operations and fees of the financial and taxation sampling database, a “Financial and Taxation Sampling Database” has been established on the FIA website (https://www.fia.gov.tw), which will also post related announcements. The public is welcome to browse and use it over the website.


News Contact person: Miss Lin, Deputy Director of National Taxes Division
Contact number: (02) 27631833 #1219

Issued:Fiscal Information Agengy Release date:2020-03-16 Last updated:2020-03-12