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Public donations to the national treasury in FY 2019

  The National Treasury Administration(NTA), Ministry of Finance, indicated that it had received 82 donations from the public in fiscal year 2019 totaling NT$1,824,551.


  Those donations were unrestricted as to usage, so they were put into the national treasury for use by the nation. If donations are restricted, then the designated recipient agency will receive the donation and be responsible for planning for their use. 


  To make it easier for donors to claim their donations on their tax returns, the NTA has transmitted electronically donation information to tax collection agencies. If donations are made with personal identification numbers, donation information is available electronically when a donor prepares his or her tax returns online or when they make inquiries.


  The NTA expresses its gratitude to the donors.


Contact Person:Ms. Lee, Hsiu -Yu


Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2020-02-27 Last updated:2020-02-27