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November 25, 2023
  1. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for September to October, 2023
  2. Extending the period to reduce the Commodity Tax for cement, gasoline, and diesel, and exempt the Business Tax for imported soybeans, wheat, and corn, from January 1 to March 31, 2024.
  3. Announcement of the basic living expense per person for 2023
  4. Statistical Bulletin No.22 - Taiwan's share of world's golf balls export achieved a record-breaking in 2022 , surpassing 30% and securing the top rank globally for three consecutive years.
  5. Certified Alcohols participated for the third time in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and secured 35 awards
  6. Landmark Event in PPIP - Golden Thumb Awards To Be Held on Dec. 1
  7. Statistical Bulletin No.21-From Jan. to Oct. 2023, the amount of Land Value Increment Tax revenue was reduced by 21.6%, and the Yearly Budget Achieving Rate is expected to hit the lowest level over the past 21 years.
  8. Incentives for Profit-seeking Enterprises to Upload Electronic Account Books
  9. Online Sellers Shall Apply for Taxation Registration When Monthly Sales Amount Reach the Minimum Business Taxable Sales
  10. Profit-Seeking Enterprises Receiving 2023 Tax Bills for Assessed Provisional Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax Payable Should Make Payment between November 16 to 30, 2023.
  11. The Finance Minister, Ms. Tsui-yun Chuang, attends the 2023 APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting
  12. Taipei Customs Continues Implementing the Policy of "Zero Tolerance to Narcotics" to Combat Drug Trafficking
  13. For profit-seeking enterprises settling the Labor Retirement Reserve Fund, the remaining funds should be reported as other income 
  14. The National Taxation Bureau Will Soon Conduct Inspections on Implementation of the Common Standard on Reporting and Due Diligence for Financial Institutions. Reporting Financial Institutions Shall Self-Check to Ensure Compliance with Relevant Regulations.
  15. Reminder for submitting Master File and Country-by-Country Report: December 31st is just around the corner
  16. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for October 2023
  17. Summary of Exports and Imports for October 2023
  18. Keelung Customs Encourages Duty-payers to Apply for Taxpayer Rights Protection
  19. The deadline for claiming the universal cash handout has expired, with over 23.48 million individuals having claimed their NT$6,000 cash.
  20. Directors Restricted from Travel Abroad Due to Company’s Tax Debt
  21. Changes to machine-made cool drinks products name should be registered.
  22. Taiwan and Guatemala Customs signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Technical Cooperation in Customs Matters (MoU), establishing cooperation mechanisms and further developing customs partnership
  23. What documents or certificates should be attached when claiming an itemized deduction on medical and maternity expenses?
  24. Ombudsmen protect your tax health
  25. 2023 The Alcohol Quality Certification Achievement Presentation: Taiwan's Alcohol Shines Internationally, Paving the Way for New Alliances
  26. Deadline Today (October 31) for Universal Cash Handout – Act Now to Avoid Missing Out!
  27. Customs Administration reminds Profit-Seeking Enterprises of Precautions When Conducting Customs Value Determination of One-Time Transfer Pricing in a Fiscal Year
  28. Combatting underground tobacco factories to safeguard the health of our citizens
  29. Universal Cash Handout Deadline Approaching - Only 2 Days Left! Individuals Yet to Claim, Please Claim by the End of October to Avoid Missing the Deadline!
  30. Statistical Bulletin No.20-The export value of automatic data processing machines, units and parts thereof has hit a record high in the past two years, and expected to break the record in 2023
  31. Keelung Customs Holds a Training Lecture for Warehouse Self-management Coordinators
  32. The tax reduction for the purchasing of energy-efficient appliances has been extended by an additional two years, now valid until June 14, 2025. Applying online provides both safety and convenience.
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