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Announcement of the basic living expense per person for 2023

The Ministry of Finance announced the basic living expense per person for 2023 is NT$202,000 (an increase of NT$6,000 from 2022) which applies to the individual income tax filed in May of next year (2024).

The basic living expense per person for 2023 is calculated at 60% of the median of the disposable income per person in the past year (NT$336,850 in 2022 as announced by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan) according to Article 4 of the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act.

If the basic living expense for a household (refers to NT$202,000 multiplied by the number of people in the household) is higher than the sum of exemption and deductions (including standard deduction or itemized deductions, special deduction for savings and investment, special deduction for the disabled, special deduction for educational tuition, special deduction for pre-school children, and special deduction for long-term care) specified in the Income Tax Act, the difference can be used as an additional deduction from the gross consolidated income, to be in line with the principle that expenses taxpayers pay for maintaining their basic living in accordance with human dignity for themselves and their dependents shall not be taxed.

The Ministry of Finance states that the basic living expense for 2023 can be applied to the individual income filed in May of next year. The number of beneficiary households and tax reduction benefit are estimated at 2.35 million (an increase of 90,000 from 2022) and NT$18.9 billion (an increase of NT$3.3 billion from 2022).

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Issued:Taxation Administration Release date:2023-11-23 Last updated:2023-11-23 Click times:531