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Keelung Customs Encourages Duty-payers to Apply for Taxpayer Rights Protection

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated duty-payers who need assistance with duty-related matters, including tariff classification, appraisal of Customs value and eligibility for duty reduction or exemption, are welcome to turn to taxpayer rights protection ombudsmen (the ombudsmen). In addition, duty-payers who encounter clearance issues due to border control measures implemented by authorities concerned are also allowed to request the ombudsmen for mediation.

KLC emphasized the commitment to facilitating communication and coordination in tax disputes, accepting complaints or petitions, as well as providing essential consultation and assistance regarding administrative remedies. KLC selects experienced officers with expertise in Customs affairs, accounting, or law to serve as the ombudsmen. These officers take a stance on neutrality and objectivity and act as intermediaries between Customs and duty-payers, thereby resolving disputes and safeguarding duty-payers' rights. Duty-payers can send or fax an application form to Customs if they need assistance from the ombudsmen.

KLC further indicated to strengthen immediate access to the consultation services, every branch of KLC are equipped with remote video conferencing devices. Duty-payers could conduct remote consultations with the ombudsmen using their own devices or request video consultations at nearby Customs branch.

KLC lastly added that relevant regulations, introductions to Taxpayer Rights Protection Act, and service hotlines of each Customs have been officially disclosed on the website (Access: Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance Homepage/ Information Center/ Promotion Activities/ Carousel Information/ Taxpayer Rights Protection). Duty-payers are encouraged to make full use of these resources to ensure their rights and interests. For more information, please contact Legal and Seizure Affairs Division, KLC at (02)24202951 ext. 3510.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-11-03 Last updated:2023-11-03 Click times:586