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The 2014 International Taxation Seminar-Transfer Pricing’ opens on March 11th
In order to strengthen international exchanges, cultivate taxation personnel, and assist local tax officers to better understand transfer pricing, the Training Institute, Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) is scheduled to hold the “The 2014 International Taxation Seminar-Transfer Pricing” from 11th to 14th March, 2014. This year, the MOFTI has invited Mr. Wolfgang Büttner to come again to share his knowledge and experiences on transfer pricing. Topics in the seminar include: 1. Arm’s length principle 2. Comparability analysis 3. Transfer pricing methods and selection of the most appropriate TP method 4.Intra-group services, management fees, cost contribution arrangements 5. Transfer pricing aspects of intangibles Especially, he will convey the advanced case studies and practical examples for discussion with the groups to enhance tax officers’ auditing capacities. Mr. Wolfgang Büttner was previously a senior advisor in the Financial Transactions Division of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration of the OECD where he worked on assisting non-member countries in drawing up and implementing transfer pricing regulations. He also has extensive work and teaching experience in the field of transfer pricing, the taxation of permanent establishments, double tax treaties and tax audits. The advancement of auditing techniques requires the accumulation of knowledge and experience, and, thus, the MOFTI hopes that this seminar will serve to further enhance the training of local tax officers to further improve their auditing techniques in transfer pricing. The participants in the seminar will be able to learn of the latest trends in transfer pricing which will aid them in enhancing local practice in these areas and also help to ensure compliance with international standards. (Jenny Yang 886-2-86632399 ext.220)
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