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National non-public use lands for common facilities may be provided to municipal, county/city governments through entrusted management to establish the “agricultural bases” for growing edible crops

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the use of land, the National Property Administration may, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Finance, entrust a municipal, county/city government, or its subordinate school to establish an agricultural base on a national non-public use land for common facilities, which has not been appropriated by the local government and remains idle, for growing edible crops without paying any administration charges until the land is appropriated by the municipal, county/city government. If the municipal, county/city government, and its subordinate schools already have a system of providing the agricultural bases to the public for growing edible crops in place, they are welcome to apply for entrusted management with the subdivisions, or offices of the Administration at the location of the land when they need to use any national non-public use land for common facilities.
The National Property Administration stated that in recent years, some local governments have been seeking lands for building a garden city with green spaces, to improve health, education and lifestyles. The Taipei City Government has also been actively contacting the Administration for the provision of national non-public use land for its planning. The “Rules of Administration of National Non-public Use Land Provided for Greenification and Beautification” require that the land shall be used for growing plants and trees (for landscape and ornamental purposes and not for harvesting), and maintaining a clean environment. Vegetable and fruit planting is not an intended use. The Administration has consulted with Taipei City Government to understand the operations and installation of such agricultural bases, and reported to the Ministry of Finance, who later approved the entrusted management, in which the national non-public use land for common facilities no larger than 200 square meters will be offered for establishing the agricultural bases, on January 21, 2019 pursuant to Article 13 of the National Property Act. The municipal, county/city government, and its subordinate schools shall carry on the soil and water conservation after being entrusted with the management, shall not install any trellis planters for any purpose other than growing crops (such as simple greenhouse, squash and bean trellis), and generate revenues or make profits thereof (unless the balance of the crop production minus the approved cost of management invested by the municipal, county/city government will be donated for charitable purposes).

Contact Person: Section Chief Tsai, Fang-yi
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