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Notice for individual income tax payable additionally levied for year 2018 to be issued

       The National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area (NTBNA), Ministry of Finance says that the notice for additional individual income tax payable assessment for year 2018 is to be issued. The due date is from Feb. 16th to Feb. 25th.
       NTBNA explains that, in the areas under NTBNA’s administration, including Keelung City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Yilan County, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Hualien County, Kinmen County, and Lienchiang County, an additional 69,000 tax cases have been assessed totaling more than NT$1.06 billion. The national taxation bureaus provide various methods for taxpayers to make payments conveniently. Taxpayers can pay their tax bills in cash at financial institutes (the branches of Chungwha Post Co not included) such as banks, credit cooperatives, farmer’s associations, and fisherman's associations. They can also make payments at convenience stores if the due is NT$20,000 or under. Payments can also be made by using ATM transfer, be made online via a card reader with a credit card, Financial Chip Card or designated savings account transfer (detailed operating instructions are on the back of the tax payable assessment) at the following website: https://paytax.nat.gov.tw. Taxpayers can choose the most convenient method for themselves. 
       NTBNA explains further that taxpayers can also make payments by using mobile payment tools of companies or banks that provide tax payment services. By scanning the QR-Code printed on the tax payable assessment, taxpayers can make payments in a safe, time-saving, and convenient way by using credit card or Financial Chip Card, whose operating instructions can be found on the mobile payment tools zone of the NTBNA website.
       NTBNA reminds that taxpayers, in case of questions about the content of the assessment or the additional tax levied after receiving the notice of assessment and payment bill, they may go to the branches of NTBNA for further inquiry. If they agree with the content of the assessment and the additional tax levied, please make full payments before the deadline of the due date so that they will not be levied a surcharge and belated interest for delinquent payment. For further inquiry please dial the toll-free service line 0800-000321 for sincere and dedicated assistance.

Issued:National Taxation Bureau of Northern Area Release date:2020-02-18 Last updated:2020-02-18