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Hassle-free Tax Payment with Mobile Devices!

  As the tax filing season in May coincides with the recent outbreak, the National Taxation Bureau has provided multiple and convenient tax payment channels so as to allow taxpayers to file tax returns from home, avoid going out, and reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure. The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance states that taxpayers can use credit cards, chip ATM cards, current (savings) deposit accounts, automated teller machines (ATMs), tax payment and withdrawal authorization forms, etc., to pay taxes, or use mobile payment to pay taxes online. This year, tax payment via electronic payment account has been activated, so that taxpayers can pay tax by e-payment at any time while avoiding crowds and physical contact, which is fast, convenient, and safe.
  The Bureau explains that in response to the advent of the era of mobile tax payment, the Ministry of Finance has introduced the mobile payment method for tax payment since the filing for the 2017 individual income tax returns. Taxpayers can use their smartphones to download the APP of the operators offering “mobile payment tools” for tax payment and complete the payment by credit card or chip ATM card. Furthermore, electronic payment accounts can now be used for tax payment starting with the 2021 individual income tax return filing. Taxpayers can scan the tax payment QR-Code on the tax bill via the APPs of participating electronic tax payment institutions (Easy Wallet, icash Pay, O’Pay, iPASS and GAMA PAY), and pay the tax using their electronic payment accounts registered with electronic payment institutions.
  The Bureau points out that this year, the mobile tax return filing function has once again been updated. In addition to data editing (including income, exemptions and deductions), links to mobile payment and tax payment via electronic payment account are also added in the mobile tax return filing page, with more diverse tax payment options. The application and operation process of the relevant APPs have been placed in the “Tax Payment via Mobile Payment” and “Tax Payment via Electronic Payment Account” on the Ministry of Finance’s e-tax portal (https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw) for the public’s inquiry.
(Contact person: Section Head Zhang of the Collection Division; Telephone 02-23113711, ext. 2008)

Issued:National Taxation Bureau of Taipei Release date:2022-05-09 Last updated:2022-05-10 Click times:86