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August 25,2023
  1. Statistical Bulletin No.16-The cumulative House Tax revenue was 87 billion NTD from January to July in 2023, which has set a record for the past years and reached the budget target ahead of schedule.
  2. Aliens can be exempted from penalties for tax evasion under various tax laws if they voluntarily report and pay taxes on their unreported or uninvestigated income.
  3. Taipei Customs Have Consecutively Suppressed Drug Smuggling to Guard the Border and Protect Citizens' Health
  4. After the 3-year pandemic, MOFTI resume inviting foreign lecturers and officials to Taiwan to the International Tax Academy    
  5. Release of 2020 statistical book of assessed profit-seeking enterprise income tax filing data
  6. Universal Cash Handout Program Deadline Ends by the End of October This Year; Infants Born Before the End of September Have a Collection Deadline of October as Well
  7. Profit-seeking enterprises should file annual income tax returns within the prescribed period to avoid delinquent reporting surcharges.
  8. To support the promotion of public child care services, the Cooperative Educare Services Center in the NPA set up on Aiguo West Road, the site of the former Finance Building, officially opens today (August 15)
  9. Leniency measures for recognizing the Certificate of Residence issued by Taiwan's treaty partners
  10. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for July 2023
  11. Central Government Maintains Robust Fiscal Condition and Rigorous Debt Management in Recent Years
  12. Summary of Exports and Imports for July 2023
  13. The National Property Administration (NPA) has assisted lessees of national land in the disaster-affected areas stricken by the recent torrential rains in handling measures related to rent reduction and exemption and homeland reconstruction
  14. Both the Special and General Budgets Have Been Lawfully Complied with Under Public Supervision, Adhering to Debt Ceiling Controls, and Recognized by International Organizations   
  15. The tender opening result of the National Property Administration's (NPA) second batch of establishment of superficies by tender in 2023: six targets were awarded, with a tender awarding rate of 50%, and a winning royalty price of NT$720 million
  16. Heirs Can Use "Majority Rule" to Apply for Paying Estate Tax by the Decedent's Deposits    
  17. Foreign enterprises, institutions, organizations, or associations that purchase goods or services for the purpose of engaging in exhibitions or temporary business activities within the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and who obtain and retain complete documentary evidence, may claim a refund of value-added tax (VAT). 
  18. Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for May to June 2023 exceeds NT$2.607 billion
  19. Aliens Purchasing New Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Dehumidifiers Are Eligible to Claim Commodity Tax Refund
  20. A Foreigner Who Fails to File the Income Tax Return and Files a Supplementary Tax Declaration May Be Exempt from Penalty
  21. Online Application for Imported Air-Shipping Cargo Short-Discharge/Over-Discharge Report Now Available
  22. A filing household with overseas income of NT$1 million or more should file income basic tax return to avoid penalties.
  23. When will the Sellers of Goods or Services Sold on The Internet Need to Apply for Taxation Registration?
  24. Incentives are available for profit-seeking enterprises submitting complete bookkeeping electronically through the internet or media.
  25. Foreign profit-seeking enterprises providing labor dispatch services shall not be eligible for Paragraph 1, Article 25 of the Income Tax Act
  26. Two New Canines Join Keelung Customs Detector Dog Team
Issued:Dept. of Planning Release date:2023-09-01 Last updated:2023-10-24 Click times:259