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Taipei Customs Have Consecutively Suppressed Drug Smuggling to Guard the Border and Protect Citizens' Health

Taipei Customs stated that numerous weight loss drugs imported from Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries have been intercepted at the Air Express Handling Units. The substances of those products after being tested contain Sibutramine, which has been classified under Category-four -drugs by Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. Taking these weight loss drugs will result in the following side effects: high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, loss of appetite, insomnia, abnormal liver function, and even sudden death. The aforementioned weight loss drugs have been banned by many countries. However, there are some businessmen ignoring citizens'  health and conducting the acts of adding Sibutramine into weight loss drugs to be lucrative.

Taipei Customs reiterated that sibutramine has been classified under Category-four -drugs. In accordance with article 4 "Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act", offenders of manufacturing, transporting, or selling narcotics are subject to a minimum five-year fixed-term imprisonment, and may also be subject to a fine of no more than five million New Taiwan dollars. Citizens must be cautious before importing or buying those weight loss products.
Taipei Customs further stated the substance "Sibutramine" of those seized drugs was not printed on the labels. It's apparent that drug traffickers have the intention of avoiding customs inspections. Taipei Customs called on citizens not to shop weight loss drugs of unknown source online to avoid damaging health. Taipei Customs will continue to suppress drug smuggling to guard the border and protect citizens' health.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-08-22 Last updated:2023-08-22 Click times:417