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Online Application for Imported Air-Shipping Cargo Short-Discharge/Over-Discharge Report Now Available 

In order to facilitate the declaration of short-discharge or over-discharge of imported air-shipping cargo, Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance has established two online services for declaration and co-signature of cargo short-discharge/over-discharge report on Customs-Port-Trade Single Window (CPT-SW), starting from May 10, 2023. We welcome all parties to make good use of it.

Customs Administration stated that, in case of short-discharge or over-discharge found for imported air-shipping cargo, it should be reported to Customs in written format or through electronic message transmission. In practice, the warehouse operators usually prepare short-discharge/over-discharge reports in written format which are co-signed by the carriers and then submitted to Customs for declaration. Now the warehouse operators can utilize the new online application “Declaration of Cargo Short-Discharge/Over-Discharge Report” to declare the case, and then the carriers can co-sign the report by “Co-Signature of Cargo Short-Discharge/Over-Discharge Report” service. The process is completed after Customs undertake online approval. In addition, the operators can check the progress of each case online, making the process more convenient and time-saving.

Customs Administration further stated that according to Article 29 of the “Regulations Governing the Management of Import/Export Clearance for Transportation Means”, different deadlines are applied to declare the cargo short-discharge/over-discharge report based on the type of cargos. For general cargo it shall be reported within 3 days from the date following the date of warehouse check-in finishes; for express delivery cargo it shall be reported within 1 day from the date following the date of warehouse check-in finishes; and for cargo examined and released alongside an aircraft it shall be reported when warehouse check-in finishes.

Finally, Customs Administration mentioned that there have been over 600 cases processed since the launch of the online application for imported air-shipping cargo short-discharge/over-discharge report. Warehouse operators and carriers are encouraged to make good use of this service on CPT-SW. For any questions, please dial the toll-free customer service hotline 0800-299-889 to receive one-on-one service and assistance.

Phone: (02)2550-5500 ext.2403

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-07-31 Last updated:2023-08-07 Click times:242