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“Cloud-invoice” and “Uniform Invoice Lottery Redemption APP” are the perfect combination. (If you prefer, you can capitalize “Are,” “Perfect,” and “Combination.” Since you wrote your headline in sentence form, you do not need so much capitalization. If you agree, do not capitalize “Perfect.”

Yuanlin Office, National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance (MOF), expressed that in order to encourage people to use a carrier to request cloud invoices, the MOF launched the increase of "Uniform Invoice Prize Winning Numbers" of exclusive cloud invoice awards from March-April 2021 as follows: Numbers for the exclusive cloud invoice prize of NT$500 have been increased from 600,000 to 1 million, the prizes of NT$1 million are 30, and the prize of NT$2,000 has been increased to 16,000. The total awards for exclusive cloud invoice award is now $562 million. This change increases the probability of winning the prizes significantly.

Download the Uniform Invoice Lottery Redemption APP (hereinafter referred to as “The APP”) to your cellphone, and link the carriers, such as a mobile barcode, to The APP and set up a remittance account for the winning prize. Scan your mobile barcode at checkout and deposit the receipts in your cloud. Then you may enjoy multiple benefits, such as automatic prize checking, automatic notification if a prize is won, instant prize redemption, and even prevention of losing uniform invoices and forgetting to check prize redemption.

Use this paper-free consumption process by means of a cloud invoice and The APP. This will not only save you time for safekeeping invoices and checking prizes, but also avoids the dilemma of not being able to redeem expired winning prizes. Our Yuanlin office encourages consumers to download The APP and redeem your prizes at your fingertips.  Moreover, it will lessen the chances of catching COVID-19.  

For further questions, please dial the toll-free service number 0800-000321. It is our pleasure to serve you.
Press Release Contact: Ms Hsieh, the Revenue Officer. 
Phone:04-8332100 ext. 302.

Issued:National Taxation Bureau of Central Area Release date:2021-07-01 Last updated:2021-06-30 Click times:124