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Strengthen public awareness of anti-fraud and vigilance against tax fraud.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) warns that the fraud groups have, under false pretenses, used fraudulent websites and phishing attacks to attempt to deceive the public into leaking personal information and causing financial losses.
The MOF urges the public that, in order to avoid fraudulent activity under the guise of receiving tax refunds, do not click on links or enter personal information if you receive suspicious emails and newsletters in the name of the tax bureaus or unknown sources.
The MOF emphasized that the tax bureaus will not provide a link to websites for tax payment or refund. Government-specific websites ends with the domain suffix “gov.tw” (For example: https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain). The domain suffix does not contain any other English or numeric ending or “.com”. The appearance of “gov.tw” in other parts of a URL is also fraudulent (For example: https://xxx.yyy.zzz/gov.tw). Please take note and remain vigilant to avoid theft or fraud. If you encounter suspicious messages or websites, please call the Anti-fraud hotline 165 or confirm with the local tax bureaus to protect your interests. Together, we can work to combat fraud.
News Contact person: Ms. Tsao, Section Chief of Local Taxes and Tax Collection Division, FIA
Contact number: (02) 27631833 #1222


Issued:Fiscal Information Agency Release date:2024-05-17 Last updated:2024-05-17 Click times:150