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Press Releases Statements(News)
No. Title Publish time
1 To assist in the realization of the housing vision and develop social housing, the NPA took over properties in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 2024-02-29
2 The NPA actively assists authorities in acquiring national real estate in line with national policies 2024-01-22
3 NPA Will Move to New Location on December 18, 2023 2023-12-08
4 NPA Amends Provisions to Help EPGs Promote Adoption, Expands Private and Public Efforts in National Land Conservation 2023-10-23
5 In line with the social housing policy, the National Property Administration has been actively providing various national real estate for social housing construction and utilization 2023-10-19
6 The National Property Administration (NPA) announces 14 public auction cases of National Land Superficies Tender Establishment, and application for bidding is welcome 2023-09-11
7 The National Property Administration (NPA) announces the leasing of 23 national houses and lands to subleasing businesses, the opening of the tender will be on September 12, NPA looks forward to another success 2023-09-04
8 To support the promotion of public child care services, the Cooperative Educare Services Center in the NPA set up on Aiguo West Road, the site of the former Finance Building, officially opens today (August 15) 2023-08-15
9 The National Property Administration (NPA) has assisted lessees of national land in the disaster-affected areas stricken by the recent torrential rains in handling measures related to rent reduction and exemption and homeland reconstruction 2023-08-08
10 The tender opening result of the National Property Administration's (NPA) second batch of establishment of superficies by tender in 2023: six targets were awarded, with a tender awarding rate of 50%, and a winning royalty price of NT$720 million 2023-08-07
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