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 Starting September 1, 2021, Inquiries of the Decedent's Financial Estate Will be Handled by the National Taxation Bureau's One-Stop Service 

  According to the National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance, in order to facilitate the filing of estate tax returns, all regional National Taxation Bureaus and their subordinate branches, offices, and service centers, and local taxation authorities in the municipalities provide convenient cross-agency financial estate inquiry service. In order to improve the service, starting from September 1, 2021, all inquiries regarding the decedent's financial estate will be responded to by the National Taxation Bureau's one-stop service.
  The Bureau explains that since providing the service of financial estate inquiry, as there is no centralized management organization for financial estate information, each financial institution has to mail the financial estate information to the applicant separately, constituting a drain on the manpower and postage costs of financial institutions and making it difficult for the applicant to compile financial estate information. In order to solve this problem and provide more refined services, the Ministry of Finance has integrated the operating systems of the National Taxation Bureau and financial institutions, and coordinated with the financial institutions to remit the inquired information via electronic transmission to the National Taxation Bureau, so that the National Taxation Bureau can respond to the applicant with all available information.
  The Bureau points out that starting on September 1, 2021, inquiries regarding the decedent's financial estate information by public application will be handled by the National Taxation Bureau, and the public can choose for the inquired information to be sent by the National Taxation Bureau via certified mail, or to download the "Electronic Application Software for Estate Tax" from the e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance and use their Citizen Digital Certificate, their NHI certificate that has been registered for the NHI card internet service, or other electronic certificate approved by the Ministry of Finance to download the decedent's property information including financial estate information, within 30 working days after the application.
  The Bureau would like to remind taxpayers that the one-stop financial estate inquiry service can be used to inquire about financial estates, including deposits, funds, listed and emerging securities, short-term bills, life insurance, futures, safe deposit boxes, credit card debts, etc. People in need can contact the general services counter of each regional National Taxation Bureau.
(Contact person: Assessor Lin of the Second Examination Division; Telephone 2311-3711, ext. 1597)

Issued:National Taxation Bureau of Taipei Release date:2022-01-05 Last updated:2022-01-05 Click times:471