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MOF Hackathon final stage held on November 7. Hopes to meet public needs and reinvent government financial innovation services.

        The Ministry of Finance held the MOF Hackathon to design financial innovation services that meet the public’s needs, and has collected 33 innovative proposal in one month starting in September. 6 finalist teams were selected, and the MOF Hackathon final stage took place on November 7 at the Fiscal Information Agency. Minister of Finance Jain-Rong Su attended in person and presented gift certificates and certificates of merit for the top three winning teams.

        The MOF stated that the Ministry has pressed ahead with tax simplification and constructed high quality taxation conditions for the purpose of creating higher value of financial services. In view of advancements in information technology and our rapidly changing society, government should explore the public’s real needs and provide financial innovation services that meet them. Therefore, the MOF Hackathon competition, designed from the perspective of ‘public need’, is held in hopes of seeking a more convenient, flexible, innovative financial services concept.

        The MOF said that the proposals of the six finalist teams are all exceptional and creative in aspects of structure, innovation and application using unconventional approaches. “Gold Panner” put forward a ‘Financial Estate Inquiry system’ that saves procedures and time from cumbersome registration process, as people can get authorization and registration, heritage information inquiry and estate tax declaration online. “Visitors are Guests” put forward an idea of ‘E-invoice pro rata donation’, in which people can decide the donation ratio of e-invoice winning prize for social welfare group, while increasing the public’s willingness to donate invoices. “From the Country” put forward an idea of ‘E-invoice = Cloud invoice’ that people only need to show their phone number when making purchases for the invoices and details to be saved on cloud where people can look up. “Elephants Dance” put forward a service of ‘Digitized Taxation Notice’ for people to receive notifications on their mobile devices, and to implement paperless and carbon reduction. “Tax and Flowers Say Like” and “Taxation Service on Mobile” each put forward systems for ‘Integrated Tax Services’, in which the public can get tax information provided by the government through mobile devices, simultaneously increasing the efficacy of government digital service.

        The MOF further affirmed that after the six finalist teams competed in the one-day brainstorming Hackathon competition, three winning teams were selected, including the first prize ‘Financial Estate Inquiry system’ put forward by Second Examination Division of the National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, the second prize ‘My Tax APP - Service with no distance’ put forward by the National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, and the third prize ‘E-invoice Pro Rata Donation’ put forward by the public. The MOF would like to thank participants for the outstanding proposals that offer valuable ideas and creativity about tax services, electronic invoice application, and other MOF-related operations, which can be used to design more innovative and distinctive government financial services in the future.


Press Release Contact: Ms. Chao, Section Chief of the Fiscal Information Agency.
Tel: 02-2746-1265

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