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Store Cloud Invoices through Carriers to Get Benefits

The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance (NTBSA), indicated that those who store cloud invoices through carriers are eligible for exclusive cloud invoice awards in addition to general uniform invoice prizes. In order to encourage people to store their cloud invoices via carriers while shopping, the prize amount of the exclusive cloud invoice awards have been increased again since the 2021 July-August period to include 30 sets of the NT$1 million prize, 16,000 sets of the NT$2,000 prize, 100,000 sets of the NT$800 prize and 1,000,000 sets of the NT$500 prize.
The NTBSA stated that the Ministry of Finance launched the “Uniform Invoice Lottery Redemption APP  on January 1, 2019. People can use carriers (such as mobile barcode, EasyCard, iPass, iCash, membership cards, or credit cards, etc.) to store and donate cloud invoices as well as setting up a bank account to claim prizes with paperless process. This not only cuts down on paper waste, it will also automatically notify users when they have won a prize and remit the prize money to their designated account. We welcome the public to download and utilize the APP to never miss their chance to win a prize!

Press Release Contact: Ms. Huang
Fourth Examination Division
TEL: 06-2298050

Issued:National Taxation Bureau of Southern Area Release date:2022-04-11 Last updated:2022-04-11 Click times:134