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The Ministry of Finance inspected the administration of national public use properties

The Ministry of Finance carries out the annual inspection of the administration of national public use properties as required under the National Property Act by reviewing written reports, and conducting on-site visits in order to control the management and uses by each authority. In May 2018, the Ministry, accompanied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the representative offices in Germany (in Hamburg and Munich), as well as the Taipei Representative Office in Warsaw, Poland, to inspect the administration of national properties by said agencies. The Ministry also carried out the on-site visits in the country between May and July, and inspected the authorities such as Gongguan Township Office of Miaoli County Government, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and opened mutual communications in the conferences with the authorities based on the issues discovered during their inspections, provide legal consultation, recommendations for improvement, promote the policies of activation of national property, assist the authorities in building a robust proper management, and expand their knowledge in management.
The Ministry of Finance has been enhancing the educational training on the laws and practices of national property. With the exception of minor areas requiring improvements, the inspection found that the authorities are able to implement the management, property registration and stocktaking; generate revenues without violating the original uses of properties; and increase the incomes.
Through on-site visits, the Ministry of Finance acquires an in-depth understanding regarding any difficulties encountered by the authorities during their practices of national property administration, promotes the laws and rules, assists the authorities in furnishing their management processes, maintains the interests of national property, and further activates the utilization to obtain the largest effectiveness of national property. The Ministry of Finance also collects and compiles the common concerns after its visits, and notifies each authority to review and improve their practices by referring to such data. Meanwhile, the information is published on the website of the National Property Administration, Public Use Property Section for the reference by all other authorizes in order to increase the effectiveness of the inspections and visits and create a rather complete administration of national property.

Contact Person: Section Chief Lin, Hua-yuan
Contact Tel. (02)2771-8121 ext. 1611
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