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The Amendment to Article 34 of the National Property Act will facilitate the vitalization of national properties

The Ministry of Finance stated that the amended provisions of Article 34 of the National Property Act were promulgated on November 21, 2018 by the President. The new Paragraph 2 empowers the Ministry of Finance to recover any national public use property, where intended use for an authority thereof is abolished, or is idling, inactive, or under uneconomical use, and activate the utilization according to the laws.
In recent years, the Ministry of Finance has been educating each authority how to properly manage the national public use properties, and found that some real properties administered by certain agencies at prime locations are idling, inactive, or under uneconomical use, or that properties remain idle and were not transferred to the National Property Administration of the Ministry as required by law where the intended uses thereof were abolished, affecting the usage effectiveness of national properties. Under Paragraph 2, Article 34 of the current National Property Act, the Ministry of Finance may coordinate with the administration authority and the competent authority, and report procedurally to the Executive Yuan for converting any such national public use property to nonpublic use property. Nevertheless, the coordination processes are time-consuming and require great effort. Accordingly, the Legislator Tseng, Ming-chung proposed to amend said Article and add Paragraph 2, which specifies that for any public use property which is in any of the following situations: abolishment of the intended use, idling, or inactive or uneconomical use, the Ministry of Finance may notify the administration authority to propose an activation of utilization plan by the specified time; if necessary, it may also convert the property into nonpublic use property at its sole discretion to accelerate the recovery. If an appropriation plan is in place, the Ministry may recover the property after reporting to the Executive Yuan for the approval and abolition of appropriation. The National Property Administration of the Ministry can therefore activate the utilization in a diverse way by tendering and leasing the properties, creating superficies thereon, and providing for social residence, long-term care, and youth start-ups, and shorten the administrative coordination, improve the activation of national properties, and generate the maximum interests from the assets.

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