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Rent for state-owned plots recalculated based on new land values announced on January 1, 2018 by all cities and counties

The National Property Administration stated that the annual rent for state-owned plots for non-public use will be charged based on a rental rate of 5% of the declared land value (the declared value of public land equals the announced land value) pursuant to the regulations of the Executive Yuan. The Administration clearly stipulates in rental contracts with lessees that in case of adjustments of the announced land value, rent shall be charged based on the adjusted value starting from the month of adjustment. Since all counties and cities announced new land values on January 1, 2018, rent for state-owned plots will be charged according to the newly announced values as the baseline. All lessors (regional branches and offices of the Administration) will recalculate rents according to the new values as the baseline and notify all lessees.
Where state-owned plots are used by lessees for self-use housing, the rent shall be discounted by 50% for a maximum area of 300 m². The lessors shall recalculate rent for state-owned plots that qualify for rental discounts for owner-occupied housing in accordance with the aforementioned rate of 50% and the new land values announced in 2018. All lessees shall be notified to pay the adjusted rents starting in January 2018. The National Property Administration reminds lessees who have rented state-owned plots for self-use housing but haven’t yet applied for rental discounts to submit such applications in a prompt manner so that they can enjoy their rightful benefits.
The Administration further states that it will make relevant information pertaining to rent adjustments public in newspapers and websites. If citizens have any questions, they may contact regional branches and offices of this Administration.

Contact Person:Section Chief Ms. Ju-Hua Cai
Contact No.:02-27718121#1221
Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2018-02-27 Last updated:2019-11-11