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A Brand-new Debut of "Proof Silver Coin for the Year of the Rat" as Well as "the Bank-of-Taiwan Logo Golden Bar of the Edition for the Year of the Rat"!

The Central Mint Taiwan, is commissioned by the Bank of Taiwan to design and mint "the Proof Silver Coin for the Year of Rat" as well as "the Bank of Taiwan Gold Holobar of the Edition for the Year of Rat" to be released for sale on October 15, 2019.

The Proof Silver Coin for the Year of Rat is the first edition of the new series of silver coins with zodiac design. The brand-new design and package exhibit a touch of extravagance, suitable not only for private collection and appreciation but also for giving to friends and relatives as gifts. Limited to 50,000 pieces in mintage, the coin is to be launched simultaneously for sale by the Bank of Taiwan and on the Bank's website, the Land Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Business Bank, Hua Nan Bank, E.SUN Commercial Bank, Taipei Star Bank, and Chunghwa Post on October 15, 2019, with each piece sold at NT$2,180. To reward customers, discount for early buyers will be open in a period from the launch of the coin to December 31, 2019, with each sold at the price of NT$1,988. (This series of products already sold will be not bought back by the Bank)

The motif of the inner Chinese Zodiac is designed as a gilded hamster to represent the year of the rat and symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The inner dodecagonal rims represent the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year, surrounded by  peony paper-cut pattern to symbolize the themed characteristics and brightness of the silver coin and denoting happiness and wealth. The obverse contains a fruit pattern, derived from Ko-chi Chang’s painting of persimmon with the meaning of “everything goes well”, which has been presented with coloring effect and gradations, and the upper part of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is engraved with the letters "1oz" in reference to weight and the letters "Ag999" in reference to the purity of silver. The silver coin features the obverse of colored persimmon and the motif of a partially gold-gilded rat to show the beauty of coin workmanship. In addition, the silver coin will be enclosed in a tailored transparent acrylic box with double-sided display, which serves the function of both protection and demonstration. The box has a lid for open from the outside and cotton lining in the inside. Each coin is a delicately crafted treasure made with indigenous creativity.

Subsequent to the launch of the Gold Holobar of the Bank of Taiwan in 2009, the Bank now again makes a splendor launch for "the Bank of Taiwan Gold Holobar of the Edition for the Year of Rat" to welcome the year of the rat zodiac sign with forthcoming prosperity and wealth. The obverse is imprinted with the official stamps of the Bank of Taiwan and the Central Mint and the Chinese and English names of both, the weight per bar (1 Taiwan Tael; 37.5g), the purity of gold, and the registration number. This edition is limited to 5,000 pieces. The motif features an eye-catching hamster symbolizing the upsurge of prosperity and wealth, and the reverse contains an anti-counterfeit luminescent design. The bars are qualified for selling back and are in good circulation. For price quotation of the gold bars, please refer to Prices of Precious Metal Products denominated in New Taiwan Dollar on the Bank of Taiwan's website. (http://rate.bot.com.tw/Pages/Static/UIP005.zh-TW.htm) The brand-new precious metal product splendidly launched by the Bank this time is a treasure made of delicate craftsmanship as well as a best choice for family inheritance and giving relatives and friends as gifts.


Contact person: Chiu, Chin-Hsien, EVP & General Manager, Department of Precious Metals

Tel: (02) 2349-4760

Hotline: (02) 2349-4506
Issued:Bank of Taiwan Release date:2019-10-15 Last updated:2019-11-11

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