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NTD 144.9 billion signed in 2020, Six government agencies win PPP distinguished Awards

In order to celebrate government agencies working hard on operating PPP projects, the PPP Distinguished Awards Ceremony will be held at the second meeting of the Executive Yuan to promote private participation in public infrastructure promotion groups on October 7, 2021.

The Ministry of Finance explained that because of active efforts by every government agency, 94 PPP cases with a total private investment amount of 144.9 billion NTD dollars were signed, as well as creating more than 20 thousand job opportunities. This effort is impressive, so that the Ministry of Finance has especially invited the deputy secretary-general from the Executive Yuan, Lee, Guo-Shin, to award the 2020 government agencies receiving PPP distinguished awards: The Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Hsinchu County Government, and Hsinchu City Government. Deputy minister Chuang, Tsui-Yun, deputy minister Tseng, Wen-Sheng, deputy mayor Huang, Shan-Shan, deputy Secretary-general Chu, Tih-Ju, Director General Zhu, Zhen-Qun and executive officer Hung, Yi-Feng are the representatives of their government agencies respectively, as examples of demonstrating the achievements of the central and local governments working together with the private sector to create good results.

The 2020 PPP Distinguished Awards are given to central governments, municipal, county, and city governments with the highest total investment amounts using the PPP method, as well as the number of contracted cases in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects in 2020. Among them, the Ministry of Finance (NTD 49.98 billion), New Taipei City Government (NTD 22.423 billion), and Hsinchu County Government (NTD 6.511 billion) won the top three amounts of private investment. Furthermore, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (four cases), Taipei City Government (12 cases), and Hsinchu City Government (five cases) won the top three PPP case numbers signed. 


The Ministry of Finance expects that through the awarding of PPP Distinguished Awards, government agencies and industries can work together in order to provide better infrastructure quality and more job opportunities, innovate the future together, internationalize, and realize the vision of "public-private cooperation and investment in Taiwan."


Deputy secretary-general from the Executive Yuan, Lee, Guo-Shin with representatives of government agencies receiving 2020 PPP distinguished awards.

Deputy secretary-general from the Executive Yuan, Lee, Guo-Shin with representatives of government agencies receiving 2020 PPP distinguished awards.


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