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Diverse tax payment methods for convenience and real-time inquiry on tax payment records for peace of mind.

The Ministry of Finance offers diverse tax payment channels (as shown in the table below) to facilitate citizens’ tax payment. Taxpayers can use the Consolidated Income Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment System or the online tax payment service website (https://paytax.nat.gov.tw)to pay taxes using credit cards, debit cards, current(savings) deposit accounts, e-payment accounts, mobile payment tools, or designated account transfers. Moreover, taxpayers can scan the QR code on the tax bill with a mobile APP to make payments or present the tax bill at a tax collection financial institution to make payments in cash or by check. For tax amounts below NT$30,000, taxpayers can also make payments at Uni-President, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, or OK convenience stores.

An overview of the various tax payment channels for consolidated income tax:

Tax payment methods Details
Electronic payments              Credit cards Limited to the credit cards held by the taxpayer or his/her spouse; restricted to only one credit card.
Debit cards Instant transfer tax payment. Not limited to debit cards held by the taxpayer (payment can be made on behalf of others).
Current (savings) deposit accounts Instant transfer tax payment. Restricted to the taxpayer's current(savings) deposit accounts, requiring the taxpayer to log into the Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment system with a certificate.
E-payment accounts Not limited to e-payment accounts registered by the taxpayer; tax payments are made instantly through the mobile device APP.
Mobile payment tool Make tax payments with a credit or debit card using the "mobile payment tool" APP provided by the tax payment service provider
Designated account transfers The deposit accounts of the taxpayer, his/her spouse, or dependents(for online filing, restricted to the taxpayer and his/her spouse's deposit account). Please ensure sufficient funds for withdrawal.
Non-electronic payment Convenience stores For tax amounts below NT$30,000, payments can be made at a convenience store by presenting the tax bill printed with a QR Code or the tax bill printed from the multimedia kiosk.
Financial institutions Please make the payments at a tax collection financial institution (the post office does not provide such service).
Automated teller machine (ATM) Transfer the tax amount through the ATM labeled “Interbank: Withdraw + Transfer + Tax Payment” at a financial institution or post office.

The National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung, Ministry of Finance, reminds individuals that for inquiries regarding financial institutions or e-payment institutions participating in debit card, current (savings) deposit account, credit card, and e-payment account tax payment operations, please visit the online tax payment service website (as mentioned above) for more information.

The Bureau explains that, to confirm whether the tax payment has been completed, taxpayers adopting e-payments can visit the online tax payment service website (as mentioned above) to check the payment records by accessing “Inquiry on Consolidated Income Tax Return Filing and Tax Payment Records”; or they can visit the Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance (https://tax.nat.gov.tw > Consolidated Income Tax for Residents > Consolidated Income Tax Return e-Filing and Tax Payment > Tax Return Filing and Tax Payment Inquiry). Those who pay taxes in cash or via ATM can check their tax payment records by accessing the “Inquiry on Consolidated Income Tax Return Filing and Tax Payments” three workdays after the next day following the payment. Those who pay taxes via designated account transfers can visit the “Inquiry on Consolidated Income Tax Payments via Designated Account Transfers” to check the transfer status starting from June 15, 2024.

If you have any questions, feel free to dial the toll-free service hotline at 0800-000-321 for more information. Our dedicated team at the National Taxation Bureau is here to help. You can also visit the Bureau’s website (https://www.ntbk.gov.tw) to make an inquiry online using the national tax smart customer service tool, “National Tax Assistant.”

Contact person: Collection and Information Management Division, Ms. Yuan
Tel: (07)7256600 ext.7636 

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