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One-stop service for real estate transfer expands nationwide in July

        The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior has launched a trial run of the one-stop service for real estate transfer in six municipalities and Hsinchu City since July 2019. This service will expand nationwide to benefit more people  from this July.


        The purpose of this service is to familiarize the public with the application process and information needed by various agencies to easily transfer real estate. Furthermore, applications can be completed online to improve accessibility, reduce visits to government agencies, and cut down on application fees for land building transcripts.


        After the launch of this service, applicants can log in to the local tax e-filling system using their citizen digital certificate or NHI card with password to check their cadaster and building information for free. The system can automatically bring in fields such as land and building transcripts to fill in online application forms. The simple and easy application process eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive registration of the past. 


        Meanwhile, the local tax e-filling system has added a guided interface that presents the real estate transfer process in a visually guided manner and provides cross-organization status feedback functions. The application process, progress and all required documents are clear at a glance. The data that has been filled in will also be transmitted to the land administrations to avoid repeated filling in.


        The applicant does not have to go to the taxation administrations to check for debts owed. In most cases of nonoverdue taxes real estate transfer, the applicant can quickly inquire overdue tax online and speed up the real estate transfer.


        In addition to the original trial operation, two new convenient functions will also be added. First, the electronic files of the tax exemption or payment certificate related to the estate tax and gift tax real estate transfer cases will be transmitted to the land administrations to make it easier to inquire overdue tax in those of cases. Second, the results of online tax payment will be provided to the land administrations in real time, making it easier to declare for people who are accustomed to paying taxes online.


       If there are any questions about the operation of the newly added service items, please visit the Real Estate Transfer Promotion Zone of the Local Tax Online Declaration Operating System website: (https://net.tax.nat.gov.tw/PLRX/Lrx200d01/info.html) or contact the local tax online declaration customer service hotline 0800-818-388.


News Contact:Fiscal Information Agency, Ministry of Finance  陳科長闕民
Contact number: (02)2746-1224

Issued:Fiscal Information Agengy Release date:2020-02-21 Last updated:2020-02-21