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December 25,2019

1.MOF Issues “109-2” Treasury Bills

2.E-cigarettes Are Illicit And Not Allowed To Be Brought Into Taiwan

3.Producers and importers of tobacco and alcohol businesses shall pay the 2020 annual permit fee before the end of 2019

4.MOF Issues “109-1” Treasury Bills

5.MOF Issues “A09101” 5-Year Central Government Bond

6.Taxpayers Shall Not Apply for Tax Exemption for Their Children Who are Over 20 Years Old and Study in an Overseas Language School

7.The Announcement of Government Bonds and Treasury Bills Issuance in the 1st Quarter of FY2020

8.The Pros of Storing Cloud Invoices on Carriers

9.Tax Reform of 2019 Individual Income Tax

10.3 ways of claiming VAT refund for foreign travelers purchasing goods in Taiwan

11.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for November 2019

12.Collateral Provided as Security to Lift Exit Restriction Cannot Be Returned to Taxpayer with Outstanding Tax Arrears

13.Summary of Exports and Imports for November 2019

14.Taipei Customs seizes 7,856 cartons of smuggled cigarettes in transit

15.Total amount of money for printed certification copy and cloud invoice prize for September-October 2019 exceeds NT$23.03 billion

16.MOF Issues “108-10” Treasury Bills

17.Bonding Operations intelligence Service Officially Online!

18.Partial Amendment to Customs Import Tariff Promulgated by President Jul. 24, 2019

19.Salary and Wages Income from Individual Income Tax Can be Filed in One of Two Methods Starting from January 1, 2019

20.Ministry of Finance Holds National Cloud Invoice Competition, Trains Over 40,000 in Cloud Invoice Among 585 Schools and 12,057 Businesses

21.The Necessary Expense May Be Deducted from Salaries and Wages Under Certain Circumstance Since January 1, 2019

22.MOF Issues “A08109R” 10-Year Central Government Bond

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