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Taipei Customs seizes 7,856 cartons of smuggled cigarettes in transit

Taipei Customs (TPC), without receiving intelligence reports, discovered unmanifested cigarettes hidden in postal parcels in a transit warehouse a few days ago. 7,856 cartons of smuggled cigarettes were seized, with the market value estimated at approximately NT$7.5 million.

TPC stated that on November 23, officers of TPC and Aviation Police Bureau found 126 postal parcels suspicious while conducting joint inspections on transit cargo to be exported through postal parcels. The packages were originated from Hong Kong and destined to Australia, and 6,032 cartons of cigarettes were unveiled. On the next day, another 36 postal parcels destined to Australia were intercepted when TPC officers reviewed the manifests, and 1,824 cartons of cigarettes were further seized. The total 7,856 cartons of smuggled cigarettes failed to be listed on the manifests were detained in accordance to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act.

TPC further pointed out that according to transit regulations issued by Customs Administration, cigarettes as transit cargo are prohibited from exported through postal parcels, and the cargo in transit should be listed on the manifests and declared accordingly. TPC reiterated that it will keep enhancing its enforcement to stem illicit activities to maintain the security of the border.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2019-12-09 Last updated:2019-12-10 Click times:112

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