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Who are the recipients of centrally-funded tax revenues? What are the taxes in centrally-funded tax revenues?

Due to the different conditions for industrial and commercial development of each area, the national and local taxes collected by local governments are insufficient to cover their expenditures. Hence, according to Article 8 of the Act Governing the Allocation of Government Revenues and Expenditures and the Regulations for Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues, 10% of total revenue from income tax, 40% of total revenue from  business tax after deduction of duly appropriated Uniform Invoice Prizes, 10% of total revenue from commodity tax, and 20% of land value increment tax collected by counties (cities) shall be redistributed from the central government to the special municipalities, counties (cities), and townships.
Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2019-04-24 Last updated:2019-04-24 Click times:287