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The 17th “Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects” (PPIP, hereinafter referred to as the “Golden Thumb”) for this year following the Ministry’s began accepting applications since May 3, 2019. As a result, call for projects over the last month,a grand total of 29 PPIPs participated in this honorable competition, aiming to win the laurel crown of the PPIP industry. 

There are 4 awards for the Golden Thumb, which will be given out for the Award for the Private Team, Award for the Government Agency, Award for Consultant Team, as well as Award for Public Welfare.There are diverse genres of infrastructure projects participating this year, including tourism and recreation, sports, traffic as well as culture and education, and their common thread is that the efforts of PPIP have been profoundly assimilated into the daily lives of the people. Among the projects in the competition, 18 of them fall under the “Award for Private Team” : 4 of which provide excellent quality hotel services to the public,including the Lishan Guest House, Guanwu Cabins, Business Hotel in Kinhu, and NTU Tsun Hsien Hall; 4 of which constitute sports centers and baseketball gymnasium, the infrastructure authorized to private organizations for efficient management in order to promote a better sports environment. In addition, there are also other cases such as the SME Incubator at Tainan Science Park Operation, which plays as an important role in boosting the operation of innovative enterprises in Taiwan and assisting corporations to incubate the talents, as well as the Sewage System of Guanyin Industrial Park and Bali Refuse Incineration Plant, which offer excellent and convenient public services. 

There are 11 projects competing for the “Award for Government Agency” and “Award for Consultant Team”, including WanHua Station Building, Retail Zone of Nankang Station, Army Association, Fenyuan Recreation Park and Tamsui Riverside Highland Beach Temporary Parking Lot. The proposal of the Army Association has applied to compete repeatedly in 3 categories: private team, government agency and consultant team. Also, the projects of Guanwu Cabins, Business Hotel in Kinhu and Fenyuan Recreation Park involve both private teams and government agencies, showing the full cooperation and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the government and the private sector in improving public services. 

Initial evaluation and the list of nominees for the Golden Thumb this year shall be completed in July 2019. The list will be evaluated in August and the winners will be chosen in September. The awards ceremony will be held at TICC on Nov. 8, and all the latest information can be found on our official website (http://ppp.mof.gov.tw/ppp.website/). 

Press Contact: Mei-jing Hong,Section Chief. 
Telephone: (+886)2-2322-8460.
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