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January 30,2020

  1. Customs Launches the Convenient New Service: Mobile Payment of Imported Postal Parcels Duty    

  2. Obtain the "Diagnosis Certificate of Illness and Disability" Before June 1, 2020 to Claim the Special Deduction for Long-Term Care!    

  3. Uninherited properties escheated to the national treasury in FY 2019

  4. Applying for a Lower Inspection Rate of Goods    

  5. Local government financial units with outstanding management performance invited to share experience during financial operation coordination meetings held by the Ministry of Finance

  6. Taichung Customs Strengthens Seizure of Restricted Agricultural Products Originating from Mainland China Before Lunar New Year     

  7. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for December 2019      

  8. R.O.C. Branch Office Shall Submit Financial Statements and Relevant Documents When Filing Allocation of Management Fees of Overseas Head Office

  9. Keelung Customs Calls for Commodity Tax Advance Ruling Application     

  10. Summary of Exports and Imports for December 2019 

  11. Report tax evasion through National Taxation Bureau website   

  12. Tutorial Period Has Expired, the Offshore E-commerce Suppliers not Issuing Cloud Invoices Will Be Punished as the Provisions Stipulated      

  13. Taxation and Land Administrations Launch Cross-Ministry Cooperation to Promote One-Stop Service for Real Estate Transfer!

  14. Evergreen Logistics Corp. Certified as an Authorized Economic Operator by Taipei Customs

  15. Taiwan Customs Continously Expands the Benefits for AEOs by Promoting Cross-border Mutual Recognition and Rationalizing Relevant Regulations

  16. Gain from Bargain Purchase Should Be Recognized as Unrealized Profit Based on Tax Regulations 

  17. Small Business Entities Who Change Business Items Shall Submit an Alternation Application to the Tax Authority to Avoid Penalty!

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