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November 25,2019

  1. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for September to October, 2019
  2. MOF Issues “108-9” Treasury Bills
  3. The Social Entertainment Expenses Such as the Festival Gift Giving Should Not Be Claimed for Output Tax Credit of Business Tax    
  4. Tutorial Period Expiring, Offshore E-commerce Suppliers Shall Finish the Setup of Cloud Invoice Issuance System as Soon as Possible
  5. Individual Residents Obtaining the Republic of China Source of the Income as Alien Residents Should Consolidate the Income to File Income Tax Return      
  6. Master File and CbCR E-filing Available Year-round    
  7. New Gantry X-ray Container Inspection Station Launched at Keelung Port 
  8. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for October 2019  
  9. Issuance of Notice regarding the reporting period for gross proceeds described in item 2 of subparagraph 5 of paragraph 1 of Article 50 of the Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Common Standard on Reporting and Due Diligence for Financial Institutions
  10. Summary of Exports and Imports for October 2019
  11. MOF Issues “A08111” 2-Year Central Government Bond
  12. Profit-seeking Enterprises should File Amended Tax Returns as soon as Law-violating Filings are Found
  13. Taipei Customs forms a new partnership with Ingrasys Technology Inc., a recently-registered bonded factory
  14. Customs has setup an online application service of airline label tagging operations of transit goods
  15. How to file tax on dividends/earnings for year 1998 and thereafter as a resident individual shareholder
  16. How should alien taxpayers file for individual house and land transactions income tax return?
  17. MOF Won First Prize in 2019 “Open Government Data Gold Label Award” and Third Prize in “Open Government Data Application Award”
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