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June 25,2020

1.MOF’s Taiwan PPIP Investment Convention on August 7, 2020 Release Business Opportunities Arising from Public Infrastructure Investments Worth over NT$130 Billion    
2.34 Teams Compete Fiercely for the Honor of Winning the 18th Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects-Golden Thumb Awards    
3.The Announcement of Government Bond and Treasury Bill Issuance in the 3rd Quarter of FY2020    
4.Profit-Seeking Enterprises which Suspended Business in 2019 still Needs to File Income Tax    
5.Individual house and land transaction income tax return for foreign taxpayers

6.Taxpayers Can Transfer Part of the Estate before Paying off Estate Tax by Providing Guarantee for Payment

7.Delinquent Payments, Surcharges of Delinquent Reporting, Surcharges of Non-Reporting and Penalties Shall Not Be Claimed as Taxable Expenses or Losses    
8.Taipei Customs Offers 24/7 Clearance Service during Dragon Boat Festival    
9.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for May 2020    
10.The Sale of Real Estate Will Be Subject to Different Time and Reasons, and Different Taxation Methods Apply. Careful Evaluation should Carry Out to Protect Your Rights and Interests. 
11.Bank of Taiwan announces winners of online public auction of series 1090501special-number New Taiwan Dollar banknotes!    
12.Summary of Exports and Imports for May 2020    
13.The tax authority may present a cash reward of 20% of the fine received to a whistleblower for reporting the offense of failing to issue uniform invoices or understating the sales amount on the uniform invoice with specific and credible information.    
14.Property given away by a donor who is a non-ROC citizen shall be subject to gift tax only to the extent that the property is located within the ROC.    
15.Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for March-April 2020 exceeds NT$1.84 billion    
16.National land provides green beautification for a quality community environment    
17.Taipei Customs Assists the Public with Personal Declaration on Importing Special Cargo during COVID-19 Pandemic    
18.Financial institutions’ first CRS information reporting due in June 2020    
19.Importers Reminded to Obtain Authorization Prior to Importing Copyrighted Goods    
20.Foreign Profit-Seeking Enterprises Providing Cross-Border Electronic Services to Domestic Individuals of ROC are Required to File Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax for the Year 2019 Returns during Tax Declaration Period.    


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