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34 Teams Compete Fiercely for the Honor of Winning the 18th Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects-Golden Thumb Awards

The 18th “Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects” (hereinafter referred to as the “Golden Thumb Awards”) for this year, began accepting applications on May 4, 2020. As a result, after the Ministry called for projects over the last month, there is a grand total of 34 projects participating in this honorable competition for the laurel crown in this industry.

The Golden Thumb Awards consist of the Award for Private Team, the Government Agency Award, and the Award for the Consultant Team. Nominees for the Private Team Award will be eligible to join the Public Welfare Award and the Bilingual Excellence Award. There are diverse genres of infrastructure projects participating this year, including sewage facilities, water facilities, culture and education facilities, sports facilities, transportation construction, health care, tourism and recreation, agricultural facilities, etc. This is a clear indication that the efforts towards Infrastructure Projects have been profoundly assimilated into the daily lives of the people. The “Private Team Awards” include 16 candidates, including the Fengshan River Water Reclamation Facility and Luodong Sewage Sewer System, which effectively treats wastewater and promotes sustainable utilization of resources. Duxing 10th Village in Penghu County, Taichung Military Kindred Village Museum, Taoyuan Municipal Chung-Li Elementary School Japanese-style dormitory, and Civil Service Development Institute make up the four projects providing excellent quality culture and education public services to the public. Another four projects involve sports centers, which represent infrastructure authorized to private organizations for efficient management in order to promote a sound sports environment. In addition, there are also other cases including Nangang Station Shopping Mall, Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal, and Guanwu Cabins, providing convenient transportation-related services and enhancing the overall quality of travel.

There are 18 projects in competition in the “Government Agency Award” and the “Consultant Team Award”, including the Fengshan River Water Reclamation Facility, National Highway No. 3 Qingshui Service Area, Tamsui Riverside Highland Beach Temporary Parking Lot, Tainan City Roadside Smart Parking System, and the Yuanshan Park Hot Spring Resort. In particular, the Fengshan Water Reclamation Facility has applied to compete in the “Private Team Award”, the “Government Agency Award”, and the “Consultant Team Award”. The Luodong Sewage Sewer System, the Nangang Station Shopping Mall, Taoyuan Municipal Chung-Li Elementary School Japanese-style dormitory, Taichung Military Kindred Village, and Guanwu Cabins applied to compete in the “Private Team Award” and the “Government Agency Award”. Tainan City Roadside Smart Parking System and the Education Culture Hotel (formerly the Kaohsiung International Youth Hall) also applied to compete in the “Government Agency Award” and the “Consultant Team Award”, which fully demonstrates PPP (Public-Private Partnership), thereby rendering efforts in providing excellent quality public services.

Initial evaluations and the list of nominees for the Golden Thumb Award this year will be completed in July 2020. The list will be examined and finalized in August, and the winners will be chosen in September. The awards ceremony will be held at TICC on November 13, and all the related information updates can be found on our official website https://ppp.mof.gov.tw/WWW/index.aspx


Press Contact:Mei-jing Hong, Section Chief.



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