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MOF’s Taiwan PPIP Investment Convention on August 7, 2020 Release Business Opportunities Arising from Public Infrastructure Investments Worth over NT$130 Billion

In order to introduce private funds into public infrastructure projects, reduce the government’s financial burden, improve the quality of public service, revitalize the economy, and actively promote and match up business opportunities for private participation in infrastructure, the Ministry of Finance will hold the “Taiwan PPIP Investment Convention” at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on August 7th, 2020. Public infrastructure investment cases worth over NT$130 billion will be released. Domestic and foreign private enterprises are all welcome.

Through the agencies’ efforts to facilitate and develop private participation in public infrastructure cases, the Ministry of Finance integrated 67 cases (to be announced to tender in the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021). Cases such as the "Development and Management Project of Business Development Area, Taichung HSR Station Area" (NT$14.7 billion), "Construction and Operation Investment in Tourism and Recreation Area of Port of Taichung" (NT$12 billion), "Development Project of The Passenger’s Complex Commercial Building of Port of Keelung" (NT$10.95 billion), "The BOT Project of Taichung City Rehabilitation Hospital and Taichung City Geriatric Hospital" (NT$8.4 billion) have received much attention. There are also numerous other small investment cases (with a private investment amount of less than NT$ 0.1 billion), including commercial facilities (convention and exhibition centers), tourist attractions and lodgings (forest amusement park accommodation and catering facilities), cultural and educational facilities (cultural and creative industrial parks, historical sites, or historical monuments), sewerage facilities, social and labor welfare facilities (long-term care resource centers, museums for labor culture), and sports facilities (swimming pools, baseball training centers), etc.

At the PPIP Investment Convention, two venues will be set up. At the main venue, the agencies will set up investor solicitation promotion booths and a legal consultancy area. At the other venue, briefings will be given on some investment cases. This will therefore provide investors sufficient time to exchange ideas with the agencies face to face, keep abreast of investment information, and clarify doubts about relevant laws. In addition, for cases with private investment amounts exceeding NT$0.1 billion (50 cases), the Investor Manual in Chinese and English versions will be printed. Moreover, a business opportunity symposium will be held at a further date after the PPIP Investment Convention. Investors will be invited to the case site to conduct investigations and understand in detail the case contents, thereby quickly and effectively matching up business opportunities for private participation in infrastructure and increasing the success rate of solicitation.

The Ministry of Finance further stated, in response to the impacts of COVID-19 on the industry and in order to assist in revitalizing the economy, a marketing area will be set up at the PPIP Investment Convention. Through the display, publicity products and video carousel, marketing assistance and business opportunities will be offered for private institutions operating PPIP cases.

This PPIP Investment Convention adopts online real-name registration system (Information of Promotion of Private Participation, https://ppp.mof.gov.tw). Registration is scheduled to start in late June 2020. People from all walks of life are welcome to join. As the venues have a limited capacity, please register early and visit the website above for more information.


Press Contact: Wei-Shuo Tung, Section Chief

Telephone: (+886)2-2322-8214

Issued:Promotion of Private Participation Release date:2020-06-23 Last updated:2020-06-23 Click times:702