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December 25,2021

  1. The abolition of financial institutions listed as “Entities that Present a Low Risk of Being Used to Evade Tax”    
  2. The Announcement of Government Bonds and Treasury Bills Issuance in the 1st Quarter of FY2022    
  3. The Second International Simulation Video Conference Held Successfully to Strengthen the Cultivation of International Customs Talents    
  4. Foreign Profit-seeking Business Entities With Any Fixed Places of Business Within Our Territory Selling Services Shall File and Pay Business Tax    
  5. Work with Local Governments to Jointly Develop National Lands, Promote Industrial Development and Economic Prosperity    
  6. New Anti-smuggling Force: Fourth Customs Patrol Boat to Start Construction    
  7. Comprehensive Appropriation Directions Are Beneficial for Agencies to Acquire National Properties for Various Projects    
  8. Annual revision of Standard Industrial Classification of Taxation (Eighth Edition) for 2 subclasses (6 digit) is released and to be adopted from January, 2022.    
  9. Statistical Bulletin No.23- From Jan. to Oct. 2021, Revenues of General Treasury were NT$4,280.6 billion, and Expenditures were NT$3,820.4 billion, increasing 14.4% and 13.0% respectively compared with the same period of last year    
  10. Producers and Importers of Tobacco and Alcohol Business Shall Pay the 2022 Annual Permit Fee before the End of 2021    
  11. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for November 2021    
  12. How to File The Individual Income Tax Return When A Taxpayer Dies During The Year?    
  13. Summary of Exports and Imports for November 2021    
  14. Does the securities transaction tax levied on the sale of bonds include bond interest?    
  15. Announcement regarding the amounts of basic income eligible for an exemption from Income Basic Tax and related deductions for 2022    
  16. The Amendment to financial accounts listed as “Financial Accounts that Present a Low Risk of Being Used to Evade Tax”    
  17. KLC Ready for IOT Container Tracking System to Strengthen Cargo Movement Security    
  18. Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for September to October 2021 exceeds NT$2.23 billion    
  19. Follow up the regulations, speed up the clearance process    
  20. The Agreement between the Taipei Mission in Korea and the Korean Mission in Taipei for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income was signed    
  21. Reminder for submitting Master File and Country-by-Country Report: December 31st is just around the corner    
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