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Follow up the regulations, speed up the clearance process

The regulations of health products have not revised or changed. Taipei Customs appeals that businesses should declare honestly and comply with the regulations so as to speed up the clearance process.

About 10,000 packages containing health or medical products were held in Customs in October for lack of import requirements. Most of the packages were returned because the logistics companies couldn’t correct the problems. 

Importers should understand the import regulations before shopping on the oversea websites. There are some restrictions on health and medical products. For example, High-dose vitamins are viewed as medical products in Taiwan. Importers should apply import permits from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) in advance. Besides, importing health and medical products requires formal entries which include invoices, authorization forms and import permits. Meanwhile, customs brokers must legally and honestly declare to Customs.

Whenever importers and customs brokers follow up the regulations, the clearance process speed will be expedited. It only costs one day for most regular packages to be cleared. For other information about international online shopping, please read Taipei Customs’ Suggestions on International Online Shopping.


Health Products for Personal Use

Formal Entry without TFDA Permit

Pills or Capsules at most 12 bottles for one kind, totaling not over 36 bottles (original package)
Others valued under USD1,000 and weighed under 6 kilograms

Medical Products for Personal Use

Formal Entry with TFDA Permit

For detailed regulations of health and medical products, please refer to TFDA

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-12-01 Last updated:2021-12-01 Click times:405