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Press Releases Statements(News)

No. Title Publish time
1 The National Property Administration leases 7 pieces of National Non-Urban Lands for the establishment of solar PV facilities by lease by tender. the photovoltaic companies are warmly welcome to make a bid for these parcels 2021-10-01
2 Promotion of the Adoption of National Non-public Use Cultural Heritages, and Use Charge Can Be Deferred and Later Waived 2021-08-25
3 Relevant Measures of Rent Reduction to Assist Lessees of National Lands in Disaster Areas Struck by Torrential Rain 2021-08-25
4 Public and private sectors jointly manage the property not claimed by anybody for inheritance to protect the rights and interests of obliges and increase national treasury revenues 2021-06-25
5 The National Property Administration continues to commission the external agency to handle the tendering of inherited land for which the registration of change has not been applied for within the time limit 2021-06-25
6 In coordination with the green energy policy of the central government, the National Property Administration leases 6 pieces of National Non-Urban Lands for the establishment of solar PV facilities by lease by tender 2021-04-21
7 The scope for environmental protection groups to apply for adoption of national non-public marginal land is widened and the efficiency of land conservation continues to increase 2021-04-20
8 Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Land Surveys through Inter-Agency Integration and Sharing Map Data and Resources 2021-03-08
9 Central and Local Governments Paving the Way for the Legislation of Hot Springs Businesses in Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City 2020-12-15
10 National non-public use land used for producing salt in high ecologically sensitive areas in Chiayi County and Tainan City shall no longer be provided for solar photovoltaic companies to apply to relevant competent authorities for development 2020-11-10
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