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Winners of the 17th Golden Thumb Awards.

    The Winners of the 17th “Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects,” dubbed as the “Academy Awards” in the Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, are officially announced. After the lengthy process including written screening/selection, on-the-spot examinations as well as the re-evaluation meeting, a total of fourteen winners finally emerged in the present 17th Golden Thumb Awards, including nine winners from private teams, three winners from government agencies and two winners from consultant teams (please see the attached Tables for details of the winners’ list). The Golden Thumb Awards are renowned for providing substantial encouragement for private teams, government agencies and consultant teams, and also establishes a benchmark to all those aspiring future participants in private participation in infrastructure projects.
    The private teams, ONYX Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd. and Jun Sheng Development Corporation, proved their excellent performance amidst the tough competition with the “Bali Refuse Incineration Plant for Outsourcing Operations and Management” and “The Build and Operate Case of Business Hotel in Kinhu, Kinmen” and were granted Superior Awards. Other private teams including Family Co., Ltd., Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology., ALTOB Inc., Formosa International Hotels Co., Ltd. and Perfection Forest Development Enterprise Co., Ltd., were granted Honorable Mention Awards in recognition of their remarkable performance in upgrading service quality, activating public construction, combining local resources and investing in social welfare in coordination with major government-related major policies.
    Of the winners amongst the government agencies, the Taiwan Railway Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications was granted the Superior Award in recognition of its extraordinary performance in the “WanHua (East and West) Station Buildings BOT with Private Participation”. As the first BOT train station building in Taiwan, it set the benchmark for other stations in private participation in infrastructure projects. Other remarkable government agencies include Kinmen County Government and the Army Headquarters, Ministry of National Defense which were granted Honorable Mention Awards in recognition of their admirable efforts to actively overcome and eliminate obstacles in planning, assist private teams in improving the business environment and deploy existing workforce in a timely manner. Consultant teams granted with Honorable Mention Awards include Kaibo Planning, Design and Consultation Co., Ltd. and C & E Consulting Co., Ltd., in recognition of their successful efforts to plan and create a favorable ambiance in investment and to assist the organizer to complete the investment promotion exactly as scheduled.
    The Ministry of Finance would like to further highlight that the “R.O.T. of the Taipei Municipal Monuments of Japanese Colonial-era Taiwan Military Commander’s Former Residence (Army Association)” simultaneously won three Awards in the three categories for Private Team, Government Agency and Consultant Team as the most prominent project in the present 17th Golden Thumb Awards as it gives full play to the benefits of historical re-use, retains special historical and cultural implications and combines the commercial benefits with public construction purposes into a whole. The project of “The Build and Operate Case of Business Hotel in Kinhu, Kinmen” simultaneously won both awards in the categories of Private Team and Government Agency. “The SME Incubator at the Southern Taiwan Science Park Operate and Transfer” won both awards in the categories of Private Team and Consultant Team because it demonstrates the efficiency and service quality of the private teams, as well as the ample fruits of the government agencies in actively soliciting investments and implementing performance in management. With the government providing planning and assistance in the performance of contracts in compliance management with the consultant teams, this project is in line with the "concerted performance in public-private partnership, creating a triple win-win scenario," and sets up a high benchmark for remarkable public-private teamwork. 
    The Ministry of Finance will publicly recognize the winners in the Awards Ceremony at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on November 8, 2019 (Friday). Following the award presentation ceremony, the Ministry of Finance will conduct in-depth coverage to promote and publicize the remarkable success in the private participation in infrastructure projects and encourage more and more outstanding government agencies, private teams and consultant teams to actively devote themselves to private participation in infrastructure projects. As a result of such efforts, the public will gain a more comprehensive awareness of promoting quality public construction and services in the private participation in infrastructures. For more details about the 17th Golden Thumb Awards, please log in the special website of the 17th Golden Thumb Awards

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