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Introduction to Tax Expenditure Assessment

Introduction to Tax Expenditure Assessment:

  1. Definition of Tax Expenditure: In order to achieve economic, social or other specific policy goals, the government uses tax incentives such as tax credits, taxable base reductions, cost-plus deductions, tax-exempt items, deferred tax, preferential tax rates, tariff reductions or other leases with tax reduction effects,  to enable specific targets to receive subsidies for tax benefits.
  2. The Regulations Governing Tax Expenditure Assessment is authorized and formulated in accordance with Paragraph 3, Article 6 of the Fiscal Discipline Act, standardizing matters related to tax expenditure assessment that should be specified when each business authority formulates or revises tax expenditure regulations.


Issued:Taxation Administration Release date:2022-12-16 Last updated:2022-12-16 Click times:1161