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August 25,2021

1.Statistical Bulletin No.16- In 2020, there are 55 thousand Deed Tax ( sales ) applicants from New Taipei City and the average transfer tax on real estate is NT$246 thousand dollars filed by institutional investors, both of which are leading in Taiwan    
2.Relevant Measures of Rent Reduction to Assist Lessees of National Lands in Disaster Areas Struck by Torrential Rain    
3.Promotion of the Adoption of National Non-public Use Cultural Heritages, and Use Charge Can Be Deferred and Later Waived    
4.Keelung Customs Services Under Taxpayer Rights Protection Act Remain Active During Covid-19 Pandemic    
5.People Purchasing Electronic Services from the Offshore Electronic Services Suppliers Can Set the Carrier Consolidation to Prevent Missing the Boat to Claim the Uniform Invoices Lottery Prizes Since the Cloud Invoices are Stored in the Email Carriers    
6.23 finalists announced for the 19th Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects Golden Thumb Awards    
7.The branch office shall handle the current final report and liquidation declaration when the foreign company closes business in Taiwan    
8.Must-Know for Enterprises When Receiving Dividends    
9.Release of 2018 statistical book of assessed profit-seeking enterprise income tax filing data        
10.“PPP i Map”ONLINE! Targeting the newest investment opportunities anywhere, anytime.    
11.Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for May to June 2021 exceeds NT$2.58 billion    
12.Bringing in One Oximeter for Personal Use Now Allowed    
13.The promulgation of the amendments to the “Regulations Governing Application of Agreements for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with Respect to Taxes on Income”    
14.Statistics of 2020 CRS data reported by Financial Institutions    
15.Statistical Bulletin No.15-From Jan. to July 2021, Taiwan's exports to Vietnam hit the highest level for same period on record    
16.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for July 2021    
17.Summary of Exports and Imports for July 2021    
18.Things you must know ahead of arrival in Taiwan    
19.Practicing physicians of private medical institutions shall make honest reporting of revenue from patients’ self-bearing expenses to avoid being levied an amount of additional income tax and being imposed with a fine  
20.The press conferences of Exports and Imports Trade statistics and Total Net Tax Revenue statistics of July 2021 will be held virtually    
21.Release of 2020 Yearbook of Gender Statistics, Ministry of Finance    
22.Customs optimizes Statistics Database Query by releasing more detailed country information        
23.If made under a divorce agreement, transfer of properties by foreign spouse shall be exempted from gift tax.    
24.Statistical Bulletin No.14-From Jan. to Jun. 2021, the number and amount of Preferential Housing Loans for the Youth allocated was Increasing 20% , continuing the uptrend of the Second Half of 2020        
25.Statistical Bulletin No.14-From Jan. to Jun. 2021, the number and amount of Preferential Housing Loans for the Youth allocated was Increasing 20% , continuing the uptrend of the Second Half of 2020    
26.The relevant provisions on the deduction of the estate tax in case the heir is a lineal descendant    
27.Economic, Trade and Tax Statistics Analysis (July 26, 2021),with an additional report on Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Mainland China's External Trade with ASEAN-5    

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