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January 25, 2024
  1. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for November to December, 2023
  2. Statistical Bulletin No.2-Taiwan’s recurrent taxes on immovable property, including Land Value Tax and House Tax, accounted for 0.8% of GDP in 2022, comparable to that of the EU, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  3. Economic, Trade and Tax Statistics Analysis(January 25, 2024
  4. Relevant measures about the inspection of imported alcohol during the 2024 Chinese New Year Holidays
  5. Statistical Bulletin No.1-Taiwan's top 50 exporting firms accounted for more than half of total exports in 2023, an increase of 12.6 percentage points over the past 5 years
  6. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for December 2023
  7. The operation result of the National Financial Stabilization Fund in 2022
  8. Taipei Customs Calls on The Public Not to Do Cross-Border Online Shopping for Pork or Processed Products
  9. Filing Period of 2023 Withholding and Non-withholding Tax Statement is from January 1 to 31, 2024. Please Make Full Use of Internet to Complete the Filing
  10. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers Unveiled for September to October 2023
  11. Summary of Exports and Imports for December 2023
  12. The submission of the withholding & non-withholding tax statement of 2023 begins from January 2024. Please use the online submission system to save your time and money!
  13. The Income Tax Agreement between Taiwan and Korea entered into force on December 27, 2023 and took effect on January 1, 2024
  14. Taxation Authority Applied for a Provisional Seizure of Property and Successfully Collected Taxes After Taxpayer Attempted to Transfer Assets following Applying for Installment Payment of Taxes
  15. Online Query Available for Status of Application for Commodity Tax Refund of New Purchased Vehicle in Replacement of Discarded Vehicle 
  16. The legal framework for the Promotion of Private Participation 2.0 is complete—Enforcement Rules of Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects has been revised and released
  17. Business entities should proactively issue uniform invoices and give them to consumers
  18. Uniform-invoice Prizewinners Must Hold the Original Certified Copies of Electronic Uniform Invoices for Redemption.
  19. Kaohsiung Customs Urges Importers to Correctly Declare Tariff Numbers
  20. Customs Administration Releases New Edition of "Taiwan Customs in Brief" for Reference and Utilization by All
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