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April 25,2021

1.How should aliens file their 2020 individual income tax return
2.EZ WAY App takes the easy way out    
3.CABEI plans to open Country Office in Taiwan, the first in Asia.    
4.Taiwan is expecting to have a permanent chair at CABEI’s Board of Directors after a recent CABEI resolution.    
5.Tax Refund Schedule for 2020 Individual Income Tax    
6.The scope for environmental protection groups to apply for adoption of national non-public marginal land is widened and the efficiency of land conservation continues to increase    
7.EZ Way, the APP for Real-Name Authentication of the Consignees of Import Express Shipments, is accessible for ARC Holders    
8.The ARC No. Filled in the Individual Income Tax Return Shall be the Same as the One Kept by Bank or Post Office to Ensure Tax Payment by Credit Card or Refund Transfer Successfully.    
9.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for March 2021    
10.Must-Know for Aliens to File Individual Income Tax    
11.Upcoming Tax Cut! An Increase of Basic Living Expense Per Person for 2020 Announced    
12.Summary of Exports and Imports for March 2021    
13.News Title: The declaration of overseas business travel expenses shall be attached with legal certification documents. The boarding pass may be replaced by other certificates in case of losing.    
14.Keelung Customs Encourages Using Release Notice as Application for X-Ray Cargo Scanning    
15.What special deductions can a taxpayer claim for long-term care?    
16.How does a foreign taxpayer apply for a tax refund? What can he/she do if he/she is not able to collect the refund check in person?    
17.When must aliens declare their individual tax returns and pay their tax?” taxpayer Andy asks.    
18.Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for January to February 2021 exceeds NT$1.99 billion    
19.With the completion of the FTZ Cargo Cross-zone Transport Tracking and Monitoring System, Customs urges fleet operators to actively participate in the pilot to provide high-quality services.    
20.News Title: Deposits forfeited by individuals due to other party’s breach of contract shall be declared in income tax returns.    
21.Real-time Inquiring Systems for Customs Clearance    
22.Individuals Selling Goods or Services through the Internet for Profit Are Required to Apply for Tax Registration.    
23.Since January 1, 2021, Transaction Income from Trading in Unlisted Stocks Is Required to Report Individual Income Basic Tax in May 2022.

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