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Keelung Customs Encourages Using Release Notice as Application for X-Ray Cargo Scanning

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated that formalities for the release of imported goods had just been simplified. The simplification allows Customs brokers to print out an electronic  Release Notice issued by the Customs instead of a formal application for "Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII), “  or x-ray based scanning, of containerized imports subject to such a clearance channel (C3X). It is forseeable that by easing the said applaiation procedure the  clearance of C3X containers will be considerably expedited.

KLC explained: “Under the automated Customs environment, information about imported containers selected for C3X are specified in their Release Notice message (N5116) sent to relevant Customs brokers and other stakeholders. Target containers can then be removed from Customs control if they pass the inspection.”

“Before the revision of operational rules mentioned previously, Customs brokers responsible for clearing C3X imports have to get an formatted NII application either by physically visiting the jurisdictional Customs offices or the container storage facilities concerned so as to proceed to the container scanning procedure. However, nowadays Customs brokers can just print out the N5116 message at their offices as a substitue for NII application.  This will certainly help save time and cost for Customs brokers to clear containerized imports.” further added by KLC.

For more information, please contact East NII Station at 02-24289015(24/7), West NII Station at 02-24254335 (24/7) and Bali Branch NII Station at 02-26192837 (08:00~22:00 on weekdays / 08:00~14:00 on holidays).

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-04-06 Last updated:2021-04-06 Click times:198