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February 25, 2024
  1. Statistical Analysis-Annual External Trade Report in 2023
  2. Statistical Bulletin No.3-In Jan. 2024, the export of information, communication and audio-video products was booming in the off-season and reached a record second high export value
  3. Keelung Customs’ Outstanding Performances on Anti-smuggling Operations
  4. Statistics Analysis-Analysis of Tax Collection in 2023
  5. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for January 2024
  6. Summary of Exports and Imports for January 2024
  7. The payment period of the business tax determined and assessed by the tax authority for Q4 2023 and January 2024 is from 15 February 2024 to 24 February 2024
  8. Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for November to December 2023 exceeds NT$2.55 billion
  9. Profit-seeking enterprises should provide proof documents when declaring losses of disposal from the goods, raw materials, materials, or work-in-progress.
  10. The basic living expense for taxpayers in 2023 is NT$202,000 
  11. Kaohsiung Customs Provides Clearance Service During Lunar New Year Holidays
  12. The Payment Deadline of Assessed Business Tax Postponed to Late February 2024 Due to Lunar New Year Holiday
  13. Be Careful! Unpaid Taxes May Cause Restriction on Exiting the R.O.C., Disturbing Overseas Travel Plans During Lunar New Year Holiday
  14. Effortlessly Stay Informed on Export Goods Loading and Customs Clearance Information – Utilize the Customs-Port-Trade Single Window Online Services
  15. Taipei Customs Offers Continuous Clearance Services During Lunar New Year Holiday
  16. Requirements for applying for the tax deductions or refunds related to the repurchase of self-use house and land
  17. Raised Penalty for Violators of Article 86 of Customs Act
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