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Effortlessly Stay Informed on Export Goods Loading and Customs Clearance Information – Utilize the Customs-Port-Trade Single Window Online Services

Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance has emphasized the importance of timely actions for exporters to ensure efficient export processes. According to the regulations, exported goods should be loaded onto ships (or aircraft) within 30 days from the day following customs clearance. After the exporter declares the goods, they can make use of the "GB335 Export Declaration Application for Scheduled Loading Information Query" to obtain the release date and scheduled loading vessel information. Subsequently, they can further retrieve actual loading information through the "(GB336) Formal File (Customs Cleared) Export Loading Manifest (N5262) Query," confirming that the goods are loaded within the export deadline. Following this, exporters can use the "(GB330) Customs Clearance Number Query" to access detailed information about the vessel, from its arrival at the port, customs clearance, to departure from the port, enabling them to stay informed on the customs clearance status of exported goods in real time, so as to achieve the goals of saving time and ensuring convenience.

Customs Administration explained that during the year 2021, due to the challenging circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, vessel scheduling faced difficulties, resulting in occasional delays in vessel schedules. To assist businesses during this period, Customs Administration announced that goods with export declaration release dates within 60 days from the day following customs clearance announcement can still apply for customs clearance. However, as the pandemic situation has improved, this relaxed measure has been discontinued since August 1, 2023. Customs Administration urges businesses to adhere to the 30-day export loading requirement and encourages them to make extensive use of the Customs-Port-Trade Single Window(CPT-SW) online query services. These services provide effortless access to information related to the loading of export goods, vessel customs clearance, and departure from the port.

The CPT-SW (website:https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/PPL/index) offers a diverse range of online query services for importers, exporters, customs declarants, and transporters. Users can conveniently utilize this platform anytime and anywhere to stay updated on the latest status of goods clearance and various related information. Customs Administration encourages everyone to take advantage of these services. For any inquiries or assistance in using the services, feel free to contact the "CPT-SW" customer service center at the toll-free number 0800-299-889.

Phone: (02)2550-5500 ext. 2410

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