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December 25,2020

1.Notice to financial institutions regarding CRS information reporting beginning 2021    
2.Trading of security tokens with the amount of funds raised less than NT$30 million, offered and issued following the regulation set by the Taipei Exchange, subject to the securities transaction tax    
3.The Announcement of Government Bonds and Treasury Bills Issuance in the 1st Quarter of FY2021    
4.Individuals Who Derive Income Arising from Transactions of House and Land After January 1 of 2016 Shall File the House and Land Transactions Income Tax Within 30 Days Starting from the Day Following the Transfer Registration Day.    
5.Kaohsiung Customs Calls on the Public to Beware of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods When Shopping Online    
6.Computer Uniform Invoices will be terminated on January 1, 2021    
7.Taipei Customs’ Suggestions on International Online Shopping    
8.The Offshore E-commerce Suppliers Who Have Not Yet Issued Cloud Invoices Shall Be Subject to Penalties Prescribed by Law The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (NTBT) expressed that the offshore e-commerce suppliers shall issue cloud invoices since January 1st, 2020, and those who have not yet done so will be subject to penalties prescribed by law.    
9.Announcement of the basic living expense per person for 2020    
10.Producers and Importers of Tobacco and Alcohol Businesses Shall Pay the 2021 Annual Permit Fee before the End of 2020    
11.Can Citizens Whose Salaries or Wages Been Falsely Reported Protect the Rights?    
12.Central and Local Governments Paving the Way for the Legislation of Hot Springs Businesses in Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City    
13.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for November 2020    
14.A person who purchases completely electric-operated motorcycles shall be exempted from the Commodity Tax    
15.Being unemployed” or “Taking learning lessons” Should Not Be Considered as “Incapable of earning a livelihood” Referred in the Income Tax Act.    
16.Summary of Exports and Imports for November 2020    
17.Individuals selling houses and land subject to the house and land transactions income tax, regardless whether there is tax payable or not, should file the house and land transactions income tax return within the filing period.        
18.Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for September to October 2020 exceeds NT$2.29 billion    
19.Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Smuggled Cigarettes Worth About NT$25 Million    
20.Title:Taxpayers Can Use Credit Cards or Current (Savings) Deposit Accounts to Pay the Individual House and Land Transactions Income Tax.    


Issued:Dept. of Planning Release date:2020-12-31 Last updated:2020-12-31 Click times:133