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January 25,2021

1.Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for November to December, 2020    
2.The Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters between Taiwan and the UK scheduled to take place in September 2021    
3.Summary of the First Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters with Japan and Australia    
4.The deadline for filing the January 2021 tax return for business entities’ sales amount and tax payable or overpayment is extended to 17 February 2021 in response to Lunar New Year holidays    
5.Resident aliens shall file individual income tax return before departure    
6.The Tax Free Dividends or Earnings, Exempted in Article 42 of Income Tax Act in the Loss Occurred Year Should Be Deducted to Get the Tax Loss Carry Forward to Offset the Taxable Income within the Future 10 Years.    
7.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for December 2020    
8.Summary of Exports and Imports for December 2020    
9.List Prices of Taxable Goods or Services Shall Include Business Tax    
10.Foreign Profit-seeking Enterprises May Apply for Assessment Permission of Applicable Net Profit Ratio and Onshore Profit Contribution Ratio in Advance for Calculation of R.O.C.-Sourced Income    
11.Announcement regarding the amounts of basic income eligible for an exemption from income basic tax and related deductions for 2021        
12.KLC’s Export Division Takes over Registration of Maritime Express Consignment Operator’s Application

Issued:Dept. of Planning Release date:2021-01-29 Last updated:2021-01-29 Click times:134