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Major Policies of the Ministry of Finance in 2023

I. Managing Sound Public Finance and Maintaining Fiscal Sustainability

  1. Establishing multiple channels for the cultivation of financial resources
  2. Implementing centralized disbursement management
  3. Strengthening debt management
  4. Enhancing local financial assistance and evaluation
  5. Promoting the draft amendment of the “Act Governing the Allocation of Government Revenues and Expenditures”
  6. Strengthening government-controlled enterprise management
  7. Advancing the tobacco and alcohol administration
  8. Improving the stable development of the Public Welfare Lottery
  9. Sharing the Proceeds of Economic Growth with Universal Cash Handout

II. Establishing a Reasonable Tax System, Promoting Simple and Convenient Measures

  1. Continuously promoting amendments of tax laws and regulations
  2. Providing tax incentives of the Statute for Industrial Innovation
  3. Providing tax incentives of the Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries Act
  4. Continuously promoting mobile payment with tax incentives
  5. Continuously promoting cloud invoicing
  6. Enhancing measures for consolidated income tax returns

III. Providing a Facilitated Clearance Environment and Strengthening Border Enforcement

  1. Strengthening border enforcement
  2. Applying government cloud to develop intelligent Customs services
  3. Implementing trade remedy measures
  4. Refining operations of the Drug Detector Dog Team
  5. Advancing the Artificial Intelligence Selection System of Post-Clearance Audit
  6. Promoting international Customs affairs
  7. Continuously strengthening of anti-money laundering affairs
  8. Optimizing the mechanism of Real-name Authentication to improve Customs clearance procedures of express consignment
  9. Applying IoT technology to monitor cargo movement to enhance safety of supply chain
  10. Promoting the amendments to the Customs Import Tariff
  11. Promoting the amendments to the Customs Act

IV. Diversified Development and Use to Revitalize National Assets

  1. Actively revitalizing to create asset values
  2. Cooperating with the competent authorities in charge of the businesses concerned and private sector to jointly revitalize
  3. Providing national real estate to build social housing
  4. Strengthening the clean-up of occupied national non-public use real estate
  5. Assisting in coastal environment clean-up work through division of labor
  6. Performing restoration, management, and conservation of national non-public use cultural heritage sites
  7. Strengthening national non-public use real estate takeover operations

V. Attracting Private Investments in Infrastructure    

  1. Amending or enacting PPP-relevant laws and regulations, increasing public construction types and investment models
  2. Strengthening investment opportunities and business opportunities to promote Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)
  3. Utilizing communication platform for cross-boundary cooperation 
  4. Improving the effectiveness of participation promotion and training
  5. Using awards and subsidies to assist the sponsoring agency in handling preparatory work for participation promotion cases
  6. Organizing a dispute coordination committee to quickly resolve performance disputes and alleviate investment concerns
  7. Establishing a system for PPP records 


Ⅵ.Promoting the Conclusion of International Agreements and Enhancing International Exchanges and Cooperation

  1. Promoting the conclusion of tax agreements, customs agreements, and international fiscal cooperation agreements to facilitate international cooperation
  2. Enhancing cross-border cooperation in tax matters; advancing tax transparency and fairness
  3. Promoting international fiscal and financial exchanges and cooperation

VII. Implementation of Financial Deregulation
To accelerate investment in Taiwan, administrative rulings and orders obstructing the development of enterprises have been deregulated and are under review. As of May 31, 2023, a total of 514 cases were reported in order to eliminate investment barriers and to strengthen investment in the private sector.


VIII. MOF Measures for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention, Bailout, and Revitalization 
To combat COVID-19's impact on society and industries, the MOF set measures in accordance with the Executive Yuan's overall plan related to epidemic prevention, bailout, and economic revitalization. They are listed on the website for public reference under four themes financing loan, taxation assistance, flexible controlled materialsrevitalize consumption

Issued:Dept. of Planning Release date:2023-06-30 Last updated:2023-07-03