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Implementing Measures to Achieve Policy Objectives of the Executive Yuan

I. Goal 1  Innovation
1.Optimizing the environment to attract professionals to stay in the ROC

2.Encouraging enterprises to continue investment in R&D, enhancing the circulation of intellectual property rights, assisting enterprises in attracting professionals to stay in the ROC and funding startups

3.Appropriately easing the qualifications of biotech and new pharmaceuticals industries and helping to enhance the output value and competitiveness with current income tax credits

4.Amending the “Tabulation of Minimum Estimated Service Life in Years of Fixed Assets”  in accordance with the  “Investment Expansion Programs” of the Executive Yuan

5.Promoting mobile payment planning tax incentives

6.Promoting the service of inter-departmental declaration of estate tax and gift tax 

II. Goal 2  Employment
1.Encouraging private participation in infrastructure to revitalize the economy and improve public service quality

2.Enhancing the overall industrial development of vehicles and increasing employment opportunities

3.Enhancing the development of solar photovoltaic industry and increasing employment opportunities

4.Raising the domestic employment rate

5.Enhancing the financing mechanism for exporters of turnkey projects

6.Activating the securities and futures market

7.Enhancing agricultural competitiveness

8.Stimulating rental housing market

9.Promoting national tourism development

10.Promoting expediting reconstruction of urban unsafe and old buildings and urban renewal

11.Assisting the development of sports industry

12.Enhancing the willingness to invest and the incentives for attracting professionals to stay in the ROC

13.Encouraging the transformation of long-term care institutions and expanding the scale of long-term care services

14.Encouraging the purchase of energy-saving appliances

15.Enhancing the business environment for industrial innovation

16.Channeling offshore funds back to the ROC for investment in domestic      industries and financial markets

III. Goal 3  Distribution
1.Coordinating banks with government-owned shareholdings to assist in financing and to provide protection

2.Utilizing of surpluses and feedback funds of the Public Welfare Lottery to support social welfare and care for disadvantaged groups

3.Providing national real estate to build social housing

4.Raising the average salary paid to domestic low-income employees

5.Implementing the House and Land Transactions Income Tax System to fulfill housing justice

6.Revising the House Tax Act for the rationalization of tax burden

7.Amending the Vehicle License Tax Act and the Commodity Tax Act to care for the physically and mentally disabled and long-term care service patients

8.Improving the long-term care system and raising funds for support

9.Increasing the amount of the four deduction items of individual income tax and providing the special deduction for long-term care

10.Providing tax incentives to economically disadvantaged children and teenagers

Release date:2019-09-27 Last updated:2020-04-07